Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day to Day ...

OK ... I am horrible at remembering things everyday ... and my great friend 'Niffer got me a Baseball Day to Day calendar ... to boost my memory !


So ... yesterdays - January 1st - in Baseball History: 1/1/1961

Briggs Stadium officially becomes Tiger Stadium

I also like the quote that goes with that sheet ...

John K. Hutchens, literary & drama critic:

"No baseball fan has to explain his mania to any other baseball fan. They are a fraternity. It is less easy, often it is hopeless, to try to explain it to anyone else. You grow technical, and you do not make any sense. You grow sentimental and you are deemed soft in the head."

The Dodgers trade outfielder Casey Stengel and infielder George Cutshaw to the Pirates for pitchers Burleigh Grimes, Al mamaux, and infielder Chuck Ward.

The quote that went with it reminds me of a beloved Red Sox'er ...

"Casey Stengel just can't keep from being Casey Stengel."

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