Friday, December 29, 2006

Wrapping Up ...

the year 2006 !

2006 is coming to a close on Sunday. I think back to all that has happened this year ... and I can't really complain ... it's been a good year.

List of things I am grateful for in the year 2006:
  • Going to Boston to meet my Enclavian Bitches.
  • Paying off my car.
  • Redneck Reunion - great time with some great friends from home.
  • SBGS bowling tourney ... Hollywood (me) got LOADED !!!! I also got us a good table at the restaurant due to the fact that Peppermint P cut open my shirt !!! LOL !
  • Seeing Johnny in action (even though he was in a MFY uniform)
  • The MFY's NOT making it to the World Series
  • Bonding with some great work friends ... ('Niffer & Conway)
  • My passion for Scrapbooking !
  • My family. They are all wonderful (Mom, Dad, DS!)

The list could keep going ... but I am just sticking to some:


Wishing each of you happiness in 2007 !


Mellie said...

Happy New Year sweets! :)

kaylee said...

happy new year:)