Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cough !

Well, today is just another day. I still have my cold … it’s just draggin on … it’s rather annoying.

Well, Johnny is going to be on the Martha Stewart show tomorrow … I will be taping it, of course. I heard he is going to be helping make a superb supper … Uh, Johnny, dear … you can come and cook dinner for me anytime !

The Cheer Johnny site is looking good, I even got my name on their with some comments I submitted to the author. YAY ! Does that mean I am famous … now that I am mentioned on another blog ??? LOL !

Well, seriously … I am so boring right now … it’s not funny … quit laughing ! You are hurting my feelings ! Although I have been following a bit of the Red Sox games so far … but being in Wisconsin, they are hard to catch. I do my best, so I try to watch the play-by-plays on the computer for day games. I just can’t concentrate on anything but the upcoming game day for my fellow Enclavians and I. Only 115 days until game day ! ! ! ! !

Yesterday I did a bit of Ebay shopping. I bough the most adorable baseball themed scrapbook. I also picked up a bunch of Red Sox embellishments and, uh, (cough) a couple of NYY things too … Well, I had to. Since we are going to see Johnny Damon play against the Red Sox it was the right thing to do … and he’s the reason we're going … and what if … WHAT IF we get to MEET him ????!!???? Then I will have to have a NYY’s page in the book. That’s all there is to it.
I mean, really, how cute is that book ???? It will be perfect ... and on the back it has the RS symbol ... (sigh ... )

Well, thanks for listening to another post of ... well, me ... Maybe I should put a disclosure or something on here ... WARNING ! This blog contains items that are all about Novy and things in her life. Read at your own will ! Novy will not be responsible for the possible side effects of the readings of this blog. They may consist of migraines, hostility, anguish, depression, drooling, sexual fever, boredom, dizziness, ditziness, dumbness ... Well the list is endless.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cheer Johnny on May 1, 2006 !

We all know that in 9 days from today Johnny Damon will return to Fenway Park in a Yankee uniform. There has been so much talk about things being thrown at him, booing, silence, turning their backs, etc ...

I disagree ! Johnny was a key player in helping the Boston Red Sox in "Reversing the Curse" and winning the World Series in 2004.

So, give the man some respect, stand up and clap your hands ...

Check out; http://cheerjohnny.blogspot.com/

Feelings ...

I have been quite the past few days. I have been dealing with my own inner demons. Way back to my post, I talked about someone I loved. Well, of course I always will have love for this person … but I can never talk to this person again. There is a long story behind it, and I will spare you the details … but after 5 months of there being no “us”, he is already engaged to be married … or so says his answering machine.

How does a grown man do this ? He’s already been divorced and he’s a little leary of women as it is, and now he’s getting married ???? WHAT THE “F” EVER !

I am itching to send an email saying “Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, I really wish you a life full of misery and poor sex !” Non existent sex would be fine too … beggars can’t be choosers.

Right now I am in the “HATE” mode, and hope to move past it soon. With that being said, I will quote Bree from Desperate Housewives. “If you hate, you still have feelings for that person, you need to move on to feeling indifferent.” Well, that may not be exact, but that’s basically what she said … She is a wise woman.

Anyhow … I am MOVING on … (wish me luck …) No more sitting around, thinking things will change … we will work it out … Nope, I am finished with that … and it’s about damn time if I must say so myself. I am too young to be pining for some jerk face loser …

Let’s talk about something upbeat, shall we ? Like Sir Johnny Damon ????? sigh … he is one hunky man … He’s going to be on Martha Stewart’s show on 4/26/06 … will have to tape that one … I hope they do something manly, like grill meat ! Now I know Martha is a good friend of, puke!, George Steinbrenners ... but she better make my man feel special ! TREAT HIM LIKE A KING !

Only 120 more days until game day everyone. I cannot wait. I am needing something fun right now, and a nice shot of JD’s butt would do the trick ! The man just has a wonderful body ... he's so easy on the eyes ... makes the heart beat a little faster !

He was on ESPN w/ Dan Patrick on Tuesday ... had to get the headphones on so I could listen on my break at work .. They saved the best for last ... they do that a lot with him ... because they know they will have people waiting and listening until they hear beloved's voice over the airwaves ... My fellow Enclavians were keeping us updated with when he would be on ... THANKS LADIES ! You are great friends ...

Friday, April 14, 2006

!! Happy Easter !!

Ok ... Cyberland People ... I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a wonderful Easter ...

Hope the Easter Bunny comes and leaves you lots of good treats ...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hump Day !

T.G.I.W !!! Yes, really ... I am glad it is Wednesday !

Owww ... My shoulder/back is killing me today as an effect from the whiplash when I was in that car accident. It almost hurts to breathe ... Not a fun day ... My poor co-workers are putting up with a LOT of whining today !

So ... I know you are all wanting to know where we stand on the countdown to Game Day at Fenway ! We are only 128 days away from the Enclave Game !! !! !! Wow ... I am so excited ... I just can't wait to see Johnny play ... I know he will be playing in pinstripes/grey ... but I still will get to see him !!! That is all that matters ... As long as I am talking about Johnny, I would like to say that I am pretty friggin irritated with all of these jerk-off's that are saying they should "BEAN JOHNNY" or "THROW BATTERIES" at him ... What is the matter with these people ? These are the people who loved him last year ... I realize they feel betrayed, burned ... but do we really need to resort to this act of violence ? There has been a lot of talk about giving JD a standing "O" on May 1st when he returns for his game at Fenway ... I think he deserves one ... I just don't want people to forget all that he did for the RS while he was there ... (am I beating a dead horse here ?)

And I just want to mention how great Johnny looked on David Letterman this week !!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

T G I F !

All I have to say is T.G.I.F !!!! That, and tonight is going to be filled with yummy Bloody Mary's !!! Mmmmmm ... yum !

Goodness, I haven't gone out for a long time with my friends, so I am overdue, and excited to be going ... I don't like to go out when the DS is home with me ... I prefer to stay home with him than to get him a babysitter or anything. I figure I am away from him all day while I am at work and he is at school, so our time together needs to count for something good ...

Well, people ... 133 days until game day ... I am so excited ... I have some wonderful things in the works, and for now I am just saying "Enclave friends, keep your fingers crossed for a wonderful treat !" It could be a little something, or a big something ... you won't know until we get there ! Or will you ? Hmmmm ....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

- Random 2 -

Well, it's only Tuesday ... ** BORING **

So, my mother purchased the DS a go-kart ... It looks like a lot of fun ... I am posting a pic of it, except his has the roll cage so he can't go flying out. We have some land in Northern Minnesota, where we are from, w/ some sand/gravel pits ... perfect place for him to tear it up on this thing ! I am so jealous, I wish I had one of these things when I was little.

The Red Sox won yesterday !!! WAY TO GO BOY'S !!! I am so glad we started off the season with a win ... but, unfortunately, the yankess won too ... bummer ... It is so nice to see these boys back in uniform, getting dirty and sweaty, and ... uh ... I will stop there !

I had a dream last night, about my Johnny ... I lay drifting off to sleep, thinking about seeing Johnny in August ... and meeting my fellow Enclavians ...

"... we were all there, the Enclave members ... we saw Johnny at BP, and he invited us down to the field ... so we were like OK !!! ... we visited with him while he was swinging, he was laughing, genuinely enjoying himself, and then he said aloud that maybe we could have drinks after the game ... we all look at each other and say "HELL YES !" .... the game went on and he played well, but they lost !!!! We hurried to the hotel to change, and rushed out where we met him at some nice hotel/bar/restaurant ... and we visited for about an hour (in dream time !) and had 2 drinks ... all of us sitting around a big round table with him ... then Johnny said that it was fun, he was enjoying himself, and maybe we should keep it going and have a bite to eat ... so we went and sat at another table and ordered dinner ... he then hugged us goodbye ... "

There was nothing dirty about the dream ... just the realization that he is a great guy ... and some wishful thinking that he will want to meet us women in 136 days when we see him !

Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day - GO RED SOX !

Happy Monday Everyone !

Today is Opening Day for the baseball season. Thought I would share a funny or two …

On October 21, 2004 the American Medical Association (AMA) issued an advisory that the Universal Choking Sign has been revised.



Team Pride
Four baseball fans, each from a major league city, are climbing a mountain.On the way to the top, each is arguing about how loyal they are to their team and what they would do for their team. As the climb progresses, the odds increase. Upon reaching the top, the Mets fan shouts, "This is for the Mets," and hurls himself off the top. Next the Brave fan yells, "I love Atlanta, this is for the Braves," and hurls himself off the mountain. Suddenly the Red Sox fan yells "This is for everyone," and pushes the Yankees fan off .


* Take your own sweet time when doing ANYTHING.
* Pronounce all one syllable words with two.
* When giving directions, finish with "it's right down yonder on the left."
* Talk REAL slow, and ask them to speak more slowly so you can understand what they're saying.
* When they talk nostalgically about the North, tell 'em "Delta's ready when you are!"
* Talk loudly and often about SEC football or ACC basketball.
* Refer to every soft drink as a Coke.
* Always order sweet tea and/or grits. When they don't have it, raise a ruckus.
* Offer to send 'em a bottle of fresh air.
* Insist on being addressed by your first AND middle names. (e.g. Lisa Marie -- John Michael -- Jim Bob. . .)
* Frequently bring up "The War of Northern Aggression" in conversation. If anyone ever says the words "Civil War", always interject that "there was nothing civil about it."
* Address all males as "son" and females as "little lady".
* Correct their pronunciation of certain words. For example: It's "pee-can."
* Put Tabasco on everything.
* For New York Yankees: Act as if the whole state of New York is New York City. In other words, if they say "Yo, I'm from upstate New Yoik!" say , "Well I'll be, my wife has always wanted to see a Broadway show!"
* When invited to dinner, offer to bring dessert. Show up with a box of Moon Pies. . . banana ones.
* Name all of your children "Bubba."
* Use the word "reckon" in a sentence.
* "Mash" buttons. "Cut" off lights. "Carry" the kids to school. "Fetch" something.
* Never simply "do" something. Be "fixin to do" something.
* Tell them you don't have an accent, they do.
* Be sure to include "yes/no ma'am/sir" in all conversations..
* Only use landmarks and ramble on when giving directions. "Now go down Jeff Davis Highway and turn left at where the Chevron station used to be. I think they turned it into a Amoco. Or maybe a BP. Anyway, turn right there. . ." "You said left." "Did I? Well, turn left there and follow it until you see a big fish on your left. I remember when that fish used to be on the other side of town.."
* Ask them if it's still snowing up North. Then tell 'em you went driving around in your convertible this weekend.
* Call 'em a yankee. Works every time.