Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winter Sports ...

The ds was busy with hockey this past weekend. I spent 14 hours at the arena this weekend. I was busy working penalty boxes, concession stands, and cheering for the ds's team ... It was a lot of fun.

I think spending so many hours in the cold made MY cold a little worse ... the cough is back and the ds is getting sick now too. Poor kid ... He slept 16 hours last night.

The ds had on his Schilling jersey on Sunday. One of the coaches made a comment about it, and went on to say that 2 of his sons are big Red Sox fans ... I saw them yesterday and we got to talking (they are only 4 years old) and asked who their favorite player was/is. It was Johnny Damon -- Just like me !!! We high-fived ... They like Big Papi now ... I am going to bring in my pictures from the MFY/Red Sox game ... they couldn't believe I got to see them play each other ... they were so excited ... Maybe I will have to invite them over for lunch one day and they can see my life size Johnny stand up thing ...

*SIGH* I am so ready to see my boys back in uniform ... Is it Spring Training yet ?

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