Wednesday, September 20, 2006

- Redneck Reunion 2006 -

This past weekend, I went home for the weekend to celebrate the first annual Redneck Reunion. This was a bunch of friends that I have not seen in about 4 years – I almost didn’t make it, and then at the last minute, literally, I decided to go.

I left work at Noon on Friday and made the 6 hour trip up North. I went out to the cabin, and unloaded my car – and started mixing up some bloody mary’s for Saturday and some strawberry daquiri’s for that night. I was so happy to see Jerry. El’ Captain was there, too – and Travis & G.I. Joe showed up. I was patiently waiting for Kristi to arrive, as I hadn’t seen her since I moved away. D, B, & T arrived and then Kristi … away to the bar we went !

Once at the bar we ran into other people from town and the old days … Joe Goose was there !!!! YAY ! Always nice to see that goose song singing, guitar strumming man. We got to see Goose and Jerry sing some of their famous redneck songs … go country bullet!

Anyway, I digress. Booze was flowing, Beer cans and bottles were opening … let us not forget that chew tins were being passed around and chew was flying (yuck!). It was a long, wonderful night of drunkenness. I think I finally went to bed at 4 in the morning.

I wake up to Jerry yelling about finding condoms all over the place – and he’s pissed cause they aren’t his! I get my drunk ass outta bed, and pour myself a big ol’ bloody mary and go outside before it rains. I took a sauna, got dressed, had another bloody, and went out to see what the new day had brought. What did it bring you ask ? Guns – Hunting Season Opener !!! So we take a walk and find some birds to shoot … I keep drinking the bloody mary’s cause I’m not shooting … then I have to eat something so we go to town and eat and ________ ! Can you fill in the blank ? Yes … DRINK ! LOL !

More people showed up that I haven’t seen in forever … I didn’t care about anything … it was just nice to see them and hear their voices. I am just under 30, but we were playing drinking games … I felt like a young’un again … It was sooo fun.

I think the next one is in December, 2006 !!! HA HA ! Guess the first was so fun, that we had to have another one …

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

- Enclavian Story Hour by Novy -

Where do I begin? I have been absent for awhile. Thinking things over, getting a grasp on life, coming to terms with the way things are. A lot has happened since I last posted, let’s see if I can come up with a summary of events.

Enclavian Slumber Party:

This event rocked! I met B on the Cape. We drove to pick up E, and then head to Boston to hook up with the rest of the Enclavian Bitches. We arrived at our hotel, where I immediately spotted J on the sofa. A & T where there waiting too … We went to the room where we proceeded to hug and talk and molest our card board cut out and take dirty pictures ! LOL ! (Note: I will not be sharing these pictures to protect the innocent.)

We then went down to a sports bar to catch some pre-game Red Sox / Yankee news and have a drink and a bite to eat before heading over to Fenway. We went back the room to grab our stuff and get ready for the game … J, E, and I hopped in a cab and walked around (I hate my flip flops!) and took some pictures. It was a wicked hot day for me. We all met up at the Boston Beer Works, where JS joined us. We were only waiting for M’s flight to land, and her to rush to Fenway. We got early admittance, which was nice … and met a nice Yank (Anthony) who took our pictures …

We were at the night game of the double header … the longest game in MLB history. I got my picture taken and it was in the Fan Pictures on the BDD site … LOL ! The RS lost, but I had a great time nonetheless.

I walked back with M … very scary … I don’t think either of us knew where we were going, at walking down a dark street at 2:30 in the morning in Boston … hey, that’s kinda scary! We made it back safely.

Saturday we all went for breakfast and visited … Some of us went on a trolley tour, and others to watch the game at the bar. We did the tourist / sightseeing bit … great time, we met Fletch. We got ready for dinner, and went to SkipJacks. EXCELLENT CHOICE ! Yum ! The waiter had a thing for A … but she gave him a rough time. I worked it out though. Josh (the waiter – at least I think that was his name.) and the manager guy came over and chatted Red Sox stuff with us after our meal … It was hilarious !

We left and went back to the hotel where we stopped at the bar on the 2nd floor – they just happened to have a band … I went dancing … B joined me for the first two … then E came out with me … E can really move! But the pic of us is hilarious … I look to be about 3 feet taller than her!

Sunday morning, wake up – hugs goodbye – a little tears even. M and I caught a cab to the airport and away we went.

These are my friends … they are awesome, awesome for the world.