Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, the ds's team won their hockey game last night ... 2-1.

I am so frustrated with him right now, I just don't know what to do next. His behavior is getting worse. We discussed yesterday about how I wanted and expected him to behave when we got to the arena, no running around, no yelling - basically - just staying calm. I explained you can still have fun and enjoy yourself and not be naughty. He PROMISED me that he would behave ... and the minute he walked in the arena door he disappointed me ... again.

When the game was over, I got all of his gear off and put away in his bag. I told him when we left I would buy him a soda for the ride home. Instead, he grabs his wallet and starts to walk away. I said "Wait, get your stuff ..." He just looked at me, and then ran off to the concession stand. I am left in the locker room with his jacket, hat, the blanket, my pocketbook, his HUGE hockey bag, and his stick. I was livid. I carried his stuff to the warming area/concession stand and threw it on the floor behind him. I said "here is your stuff, bring it to the car ..." and I walked to the parking lot. I was fuming !!! Then he complained I was a bad mom for doing that ...

What do I do now ? I have taken away his PS2 for a day here and a day there for every occurence. Do I go to a week each time ? Do I also take away his DVD player or just unplug his TV in his room altogether ? I am at my wits end. I am so sad by his lack of listening skills and the fact that he does not appreciate any of the things I do for him. How do I talk to this sweet 7 year old boy, he doesn't care to hear anything ... :(

anyway ... WMP sucks ... and I wish he wasn't a member of the Red Sox.

There, I said it ... now I feel a little better.


Jen said...

The DS is welcomed to join Honey and I at obedience training anytime. The least I can do is teach him to sit, stay, down, and wait. Maybe it will help? You are a good mom, he just needs to remember that and appreciate you again. Hopefully it is just a phase. Hang in there.


Mellie said...

Take his TV out of his room maybe? I don't know.
You're a good mama!