Friday, February 29, 2008

BoSox tickets ...

Oh - I did just want to mention that 2 weeks ago TODAY ... My 14 tickets to see the BoSox play the Twinkies came in the mail. I am taking the DS to all 4 games and a friend is coming with ... and my stepdad is going to join us for 2 games.

very excited about all of this ...

Can you tell???????????????????????????

Delays ...

So - I said I was going to be around more. I lied. At the time. I am trying to get here more frequently and fully feel that I will live up to this vow now that baseball season is upon us.

The DS has kept me so busy with hockey ... seriously. We had our last league game tonight - lose in overtime. We finish up next weekend with a tournament out of town.

So - I just have to say - I love to peruse other blogs. All sorts of them. I feel dirty while I am reading everyones biz-nas! So - I love this blog Getting Single ... it's even podcasted ... I love it.

I especially love this song "Single Life" by Carrie Cunningham. You can find her on MySpace HERE

Friday, February 01, 2008

Thoughts ...

... I am capable of having them ya know!

So, the DS still has another 2 months or so of hockey and hockey commitments. YAY! I have enjoyed the season thus far, but it gets to be so long.

I am very excited for Spring Training to begin. You have no idea - unless you are a Red Sox fan then you can understand where I am coming from.

Living in WI in the winter sucks. It sucks even more in Northern MN, which is where I grew up! However - I am pumped that the BoSox are coming to MPLS to play the Twinkies for 4 games in May! I have gotten tickets to all 4 games ~ the only thing more expensive than the tickets at the Dome is the hotel stay! My stepdad is going to come for a few games this year as well; back when the Metrodome was being built he worked on it's construction, but has never seen a game played there - so now's the time since 2009 brings a new stadium.

The DS has begged and pleaded to go to Boston for a game or 2 at Fenway this season ... I haven't decided on that one yet. I plan on taking him there at some point ~ I just don't know that this is the year. Maybe I should start saving now -

i.e. the Mastercard commercial:

2 airline tickets to Boston ~ $900.00
2 tickts to Fenway Park ~ $200.00
2 night hotel stay in Boston ~ $600.00
Taxi fare to Logan Intl ~ $50.00

Seeing your favorite team at the most beautiful place on Earth with your Son ~ PRICELESS

We'll see what happens - but I should really start planning now ....