Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well … Memorial Day is now over. This year was really hard for me … not because it was Memorial Day, but because the DS was gone for 5 days … I am used to him being gone, but this weekend hit me really hard. I mean, I keep telling myself to get over it … the sweet boy will be gone for most of the summer, and I am upset over a couple of days with his dad ?

I did nothing … I moped around … stayed in my jammies … did a little scrapbooking … watched about 15 movies … read 2 books … but it was never enough … I just wanted to lay down, and wait for the weekend to be over …

Do I sound like a loser ?

On Sunday I got to talk to the DS while he was at my mothers … he was riding his go-kart. My mom said he looked so cute, driving in circles around the yard … talking to me on the phone … he looked like he was on a cell phone, and driving one handed ! I can’t wait to take pictures of him driving that thing around this summer !

Well … I am cranky cause I am soooo busy at work, and getting nothing done … not even 1 step forward, and 2 back … it’s worse than that !

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thirsty ...

Ugh ... this morning I woke up ... thirsty. Nothing has satisfied my quench for thirst ... I even tried a soda, thinking the carbonation would cool me down. Nothing. So I go and sit down to pull on the ol' pantyhose, and check the highlights of last nights games ...

Sweet Mother of God ! The Red Sox creamed the MFY's 9-5 ! That makes my day ... It appears the quench has been satisfied ... nothing has made me happier yet today, but then again it is only 8:15 am ! I don't feel all that guilty thining Secret Agent JD had a hand in helping the RS win ... nope no guilt ... at least yet ... And after reading all of this crap about A-Rod's mantra crap ... makes me glad that those MFY's had a big ol' glass of Choke Cola !

Well ... I am still counting down until MY game day at Fenway ... 87 days ... the time is flying ...

This weekend I took the DS shopping ... since he suffered through clothes shopping, I got him a little something as well ... We got the Guitar Hero for our PS2 ! This thing is awesome ... You don't have to know how to play the guitar, you just strum and play the color coded fret buttons ... I swear to you ... this thing is SO MUCH FUN ! Since we got this, my ds is singing Iron Man by Black Sabbath ... he sings "I am Iron Man, dadadada .... (yes, he just hums the rest, but he thinks it's great ... he wants me to buy him the CD ... ) I think I will be keeping this game home with me over the summer, instead of sending it to Grandma & Grampa's house with the DS !

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Counting Down ...

I have a one track mind lately. I can honestly say that the first thing I do when I get to work in the morning is check the calendar for the countdown to the Enclavian Slumber Party. I don't have a lot to look forward to except this weekend in Boston. I began counting down at 180 days, and today we are sitting at 93 days until game day.

I have been running on little sleep lately ... Saturday morning is the only time I get to relax because my DS will go downstairs and watch cartoons and let me be for awhile. Nothing has been helping ... Tylenol PM is not really my friend anymore ... it doesn't help me sleep ... So I end up popping in a movie after the 10:00 news ... and hope like hell it knocks me out until the alarm goes off ...

Well ... enough of this ... I feel like I have nothing to share ... my fingers will not spill the beans, so to speak ... and put my emotions on the page ...

Until next time ...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fraggle Rock !

Fraggle Rock is making a come back ! YAY !

I remember being a little girl ... watching it on T.V. whenever it was on ... going to see it at the movie theatre ... and now ... in 2006 ... Fraggle Rock has returned !

The Easter Bunny brought my son a Fraggle dvd ...

Today, in the mail, I just got 2 other dvd's I ordered for him off of Ebay ...

I can't seem to stop singing ...

"Dance your cares away(clap clap)
Worries for another day
Let the music play(clap clap)
Down at Fraggle Rock

Work your cares away(clap clap)
Dancing for another day
Let the Fraggles play(clap clap)
Down in Fraggle Rock

Dance your cares away(clap clap)
Worries for another day
Let the music play(clap clap)
Down at Fraggle Rock

Work your cares away(clap clap)
Dancing for another day
Let the Fraggles play(clap clap)
We're Johnny Scottie Skippy TimPunk rock!

Dance your cares away
Worries for another day
Let the music play
Down at Fraggle Rock
Work your cares away
Dancing for another day
Let the Fraggles play
Down in Fraggle Rock
Down in Fraggle Rock
Down in Fraggle Rock"

- Random 3 -

Well, I realize it has been quite some time since I have been here. I have been busy with a lot of things and sometimes, to my dismay, I just don’t have the time to do anything for me. I guess that’s part of being a parent, or not …

Well … what shall I share with everyone ? There is not much new and exciting in my life.

I have been busy scrapbook shopping … got to buy all things baseball (MFY’s and Red Sox) for the Enclavian Slumber Party. I try to buy anything Red Sox … and I even found an embellishment of Fenway Park ! That was super exciting !!!

Oh … speaking of the Enclave trip … I got to talk to some of my fellow slumberers on the phone this weekend. It is so damn exciting ! No, don’t laugh … because I am serious ! I called Trot … and we visited … and she is cute and funny … and she’s my age … so I can’t wait to meet her. We conferenced on E for awhile … and then we hung up … Later that night I called Mellie … and we three-wayed with E then too ! … the three of us talked for 3 hours ! Then E left us and Mellie and I chatted for about another 2 …. Gosh … I swear that phone was glued to my ear and it was ringing the next day ! LOL !

I like to come here and just ramble … nothing is any sertain order … I just let it flow. That’s me. That’s who I am !

Did I mention that it is only 101 more days until game day ? Well, I guess I did now, didn't I ?!!?

Also ... let me take a moment to wish Doug Mirabelli a belated "WELCOME THE HELL BACK TO BOSTON !" Oh, god ... I love it ...

Monday, May 01, 2006

-- Butterflies --

I have butterflies in my tummy.

Tonight is the night ... OMG ... Johnny returns to Fenway ! Do you see him ... thinking "Why in the hell did I leave Boston?"

I am so worried about him that I am making myself sick ... I swear to you ... I just want him to be careful ... and I want the Yankess to lose ... I desperately want the Red Sox to cream those MFY's ... but in the same breath, I wish Johnny well. I don't want the fans to be cruel and rude. I just want to smother him with love, and tell him everything is going to be ok ... but I know it's not.

All I can say is ... Have a good first at bat, Johnny ... GO RED SOX !