Monday, April 30, 2007

April showers ...

bring Red Sox joy as they lead the MFY's 6.5 games at the end of April !

'lovin it !

So ~ I called it - I prayed that I would be wrong, and we would take all 3 games this weekend, but I knew we would take Friday & Sunday's games ... I felt the MFY's would take just one game ...

I am just counting down until I can see my boys of summer on Saturday in Minneapolis ...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Go Fish !

The ds was in a musical last night entitled GO FISH ... it was flat out !

The ds was a clownfish so he had to dress up as a clown - there were sharks, and an eel, seahorses (cowboys & cowgirls, crabs, an angel fish, starfish, polka-dotted zebra fish ! It was great - I was skeptical since I was only told Tuesday night by the ds that he needed a clown costume for the next day for dres rehearsal ... which i didn't have time to "make" ... but he looked wicked awesome last night !

*sigh* T G I F !

Tomorrow I am having a "redneck weiner" dinner party ... mostly booze and a couple friends - but we always have what I call redneck weiners, beans, brownies, beer, booze, and chips & dip ... we are going to go and have ourselves a pedicure first, then meet up at my house for some friendly fun ! I'm excited ...

and since we are talking about hotdogs, redneck style, it brings me to think that in 2 weeks I am going back home for something we have dubbed the redneck reunion ... only it's not the 2nd Annual, but take 2 !!! It will be so much fun ! More on that later though !

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Swisher + Hair = Sexy


Nick Swisher is looking mighty damn fine with his long, Johnny Damon-ish locks of love ... WOWZA !

But, the hair is for a good cause


Monday, April 23, 2007

Cleaning house ...


What do you say to a clean sweep of the MFY’s this weekend? The only word that comes to mind is Wow.

Living in WI, I do not get NESN so it’s hard to watch games … but let me tell ya, I was glued to all news Red Sox !!!

Last night I think I was actually sweating. Seriously. That was too close for comfort for me, but I just kept praying out loud – “please Lord, let them win, please.” It seemed to work!

I hope we can do the same thing to the MFY’s this weekend at the Toilet. I am SO keeping my fingers crossed … anyhow, it Sunday was definitely a day for rejoicing !

It was a beautiful weekend in Novyland. Nice, high temps … I took the DS to the park on Saturday and then we went to the drive-in for lunch and root beer floats.

Sunday we did some housework and rested and just spent time together … the weekend went to quickly …

The ds is counting down days to the Red Sox / Twins series … 12 more days he says … he’s very excited … he’s going to play catch all weekend long so he’ll be ready for when we sit on the Home Run Porch at the ‘Dome … he’s funny … we also bought 8 packs of baseball cards on Friday … we got 1 Twins playa, Joe Nathan and 1 RS playa, Tek … my man ! LOL !

Friday, April 20, 2007

Let's hear it for the boys ... let's give the boys a hand!

Please stand by for a Public Service Announcement:


Kick some MFY A$$ !!!!

Thank you, this concludes Novy's Public Service Announcent.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fantabulous Win ...

by my beloved Red Sox !



I love this team !

Also - please note that in the top of the 9th, the Indians are beating the MFY's ! What a good day ... hope it stays that way !

* Top of 9th: Blake safe at first on throwing error by third baseman A.Rodriguez

** Update: Dammit ! Did I jinx the Indians ? Those friggin MFY's took the lead - I'm sorry!

78th MLB All Star Game Voting !

Read HERE for news on the voting ...

Let's bring the Red Sox Boys to the All Star Game !

1st No Hitter of 2007 !!!

Way to go Mark Buehrle !!!!

Horrific scare aftermath ...

Across the nation yesterday, it was reported that there were 10 bomb threats called in across college campuses.

I felt this one yesterday. Driving home from work, a special report that our local university had found a note about a bomb being in the residence hall and it would go off in the late afternoon.

WHY? Why would someone do such a horrible thing after what the country, the world, just suffered in Virginia?

I'm sorry - this is just unacceptable ...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easily excitable ...

I can't help it ... seriously - I am WICKED excited about my 2 upcoming Red Sox (vs. Twins) games in May !!!

17 days. That's all.


If I could just pack and move to Boston, or even be closer than the Midwest, maybe it wouldn't be this bad. Now I have to fly to Boston to see them and it's not cheap to fly to Beantown. I was going to fly to Seattle this summer and it was less than HALF of the flight to Boston ... JEEPERS !

But, a Fenway experience is like no other ...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friggin Hilarious !

I am SO not kidding ... I about peed my pants (even though I have on a skirt)

Novy's Red Sox games ...

I ordered my tickets yesterday for the Red Sox / Twins series ... We are only going to the Saturday and Sunday games ...I can't make Friday's due to work ... but that is ok ...

The ds is very excited about going - I showed him where our seats are and this morning he was all excited, "how many more days until we see the Red Sox Mom ?" ... he is DEFINATELY my son ! That is how I get ... and plus, well ... I Love the Red Sox !

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sadness at Virginia Tech

My prayers and thoughts go out to all the families of those injured or killed today in the awful shooting at Virginia Tech.

This is more and more common in the past 5 years, I just do not understand what these gunmen are thinking when they take all of these innocent lives. They then, in most cases, take their own lives after they have caused all of this irreplaceable damage to hundreds, thousands of people ...

To those familes touched by today's tragedy, I'm so sorry for your loss ...

Relaxing Weekend ?

Uh - not so much ...

I did a lot this weekend.

I came to work on Saturday for about 5 hours ... It was hot in the building and I couldn't take much more.

I rearranged my living room - my arms are a little sore from moving the entertainment center, tv, dvd shelves, couch, mirror, building a new shelf, recliner (things heavy, it's a massaging one so it's got a motor in it), and the mirror above my couch - that beast is HEAVY.

Watched the wonderful Boston Boys of Baseball play the Angels ... Good Job Curt Schilling !!! great game I thought ...

When the ds came home from his dad's on Sunday, I took him to a movie - he picked Firehouse Dog . It was a cute movie - very much for kids of course - but I truly enjoyed it ...

Then we went and did some shopping, and went to dinner at a BBQ place ... YUM!

AND, the DS did go to the Twins / Devil Rays game with his dad on Saturday - the Twins got a win ! The DS also got a foul ball and got to shake hands with Juan Rincon who then went out and pitched right after that ! He had a good time ... even though there were no pictures taken ... I will have to remedy that when we go to our game!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meeting up with old friends ...

So, I just talked to my good girly buddy, KJ.

She went out last night, ran into an old friend ... had a nice time ... blah blah blah ...

I just want to give her a shout out and say "Girl, you had a fun time and meeting up with a friend from the past is amazingly funny ... I am glad you a had a fun time"

I could SO tell you had a fun night by the sound of your voice ...

** Looking forward to all of us having a weekend of drunken fun soon **

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wake is on the mound ...

tonight ... against the Angels ...

PLEASE, oh PLEASE ... can we get some run support for my deary Timmy?

Is it just coincidence that the rest of the team is not on the top of their game when he is pitching, or does the BIG GUY have it out for Wake?

There are presents for our boys tonight if they bring in lotsa lotsa runs ... I promise.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm not sure why I have waited this long to have them done ... but I have. I usually do it right away, and get it over and done with. This year has been busy and I just "forgot" about it ... but tonight is the night I go get them done ... Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gyroball ... Unhittable?

Bill Nye the Science Guy gives the world his take here ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fenway Opener ...


Top of the 3rd and it is 7-0 Red Sox !


JD Drew just homered ... well, in the 2nd he did ... but you knew what I meant ...


11-1 in the top of the 5th ... I love high scoring games ... well, when the RS score high ... Beckett is looking mighty fine out there today !

Home ...

We made it home yesterday about 4:00 ... we had good timing and I didn't really speed too much ... just set the cruise control at 70 mph most of the way.

The DS rode from my mom's house to work with her, so they could have a little extra bonding time before we had to leave. Then we hit the open highway and came home ... it was a long drive, and I was wicked tired ... I get sad when I leave "my" home to come back to "our" new home ... it's been 5 years ... but I still miss my mom like crazy.

The DS is going to go with his father this weekend I believe - to a Twins game ... they are only playing Tampa Bay so he's not as excited as when we are going to see the Red Sox vs the Twins in May ...

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter ...

We had a wonderful easter ...

the easter bunny brought me 2 new cd's and some patio lights ...

my mom got new scrapbooking supplies - she has just recently joined the scrapping cult ... she's really good too !

the ds got a new movie ... it's an animated one about baseball ... only it's the mfy's !!! he told my mom he wouldn't be able to take it home cause we don't allow MFY stuff at our house ... WHAT A SMART KID ! ... but, i told him that the easter bunny made a horrible mistake, but he could still keep it. He wants to give it to a friend ... he's definately my son !

I am not looking forward to tomorrow ... I don't want to leave ...

music ...

i am downloading my mp3 playa with a bunch of new music today ...

i even have a recording of me, at 2 years old - almost 26 years to the day - of my grandparents and i at the hunting shack ... it's a tear jerker to hear my grampa tell me he loves me whenever i want, since he died 14 years ago ...

so i am very excited to have new music to listen to !

Friday, April 06, 2007

I am still awake ...

I am just sitting here ... it's 12:08 am ... I am on vacation for 6 days ... I can't sleep. LOL ... not going to work in the morning is nice ... but I will still have to get up early ... we are going shopping.

Right now I am just surfing the web - flippin through iTunes ... and the TV is on in the background ... everytime I try and tear myself away, I get sucked back in by some Godforsaken thing ...


That's it ... I'm going to bed ... I think ...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Are we back to this again?

Well, Johnny is bound to be placed on the DL ... but don't fret your pretty little head, cause he still has sexy calves ...

First win for Dice-K !!


WAY TO GO D.M. !!!!

And I would like to say to the crowd of 23,170 who booed Matsuzaka in the first when he stepped behind the mound and started doing half jumping-jacks, snapping his heals together in the air. PISS OFF ASSHOLES ! You aint the MFY's ... if anyone can Boo my beloved Red Sox it's the MFYF's ... so, Go.To.Hell. - - - thanks !

Wow, D-Mat threw 74 of 108 pitches for strikes and he retired 10 batters in a row ... Hey, you have a fan here ... I swear to you ... LOL !

And ... let us not forget about dear Papelbon. He struck out two of three batters for his first save !!! Yay !!! Perfect ... He is going to be one of the best closers of his time ... no doubt about it ...

So, I am happy to say we, the Red Sox, took the series ... 2 W's under our belt ...


Thank You !

Oh ... I got the highlights of the game last night against the Royals and I was ecstatic to see that we, meaning of course the Red Sox, won 7-1 last night.

BTW, what the hell was the temperature in Kansas City last night? Probably not as cold as I am here in Northern Minnesota this morning (3 Degrees) ... I digress ... (update: it was 42 degrees last night and dropped into the 30's)

Beckett ... You promised me (see said promise HERE ) and you came through ... I LOVE YOU ! Well, in the most loving way a baseball fan can love a young pitcher ... You know what I mean ! Right?

Youky - 2 run homer in the 7th ... I love that you come through for us ... thank you ...

Well, another game this afternoon ... I am almost wishing for a chilly afternoon as you boys in uniform kept it warm last night ... Let's have another win shall we ...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WTF Johnny ... sexy calves ...

I cannot believe you said this in your YES interview ... dear God ...

In case you want to know - dear Johnny addressed his cramping calves, as he left the game yesterday. Said he had this problem before in Boston, has it in airplanes, it's a cold weather problem, and he said---

"That's the price I pay for having such SEXY CALVES."


And ... honey - Jason Giambi did not "GET SEXY" at the plate. Sweetie - he will never get sexy ... EVER ... unless you like that look ... you know the constant look of sweat ... yuck. Sorry Jason ... no offense ... just ... just ... it's not doing it for me ... you are never going to be the porn star you want to be.

Johnny Dearest ... Please leave the sexy remarks to Justin Timberlake ...

Monday, April 02, 2007

So far the MFY's are down ...

and I can say I am grateful ... sorry ...

I liked this ...

Yankees first.
- Damon singled to right.
- Jeter flied out to right fielder Delm.Young.
- B.Abreu singled to left, Damon to second.
- A.Rodriguez struck out.
- Damon stole third.
- B.Abreu stole second.
- Giambi singled to center, Damon scored, B.Abreu scored.
- H.Matsui walked on a full count, Giambi to second.
- Posada popped out to second baseman Upton.

Way to start off the season A-Rod ... I pray for many more of these !

Update ...

damn ... those mfy's are now up 9-5 ...


YAY ! Today is finally here ! I am so excited !

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GO RED SOX ! Have a great day and beat some Royal Ass !