Thursday, June 22, 2006

Counting ...

I am still counting the days until I see my beloved ! It is currently sitting at 57 days ... OR 1375 until game time ... or 82,522 minutes until I take my seat ... or 4,951,361 seconds until the first pitch ... This is giving me so much joy! I remember starting my countdown at 180 days ... look how far I have come, and I'm still sane !

I have lots to prepare for this weekend ... I am going camping ! Roughing it ! Well, I will be in a 40 foot motorhome w/ ice maker, washer/dryer/ 2 queen beds / 2 tv's & dvd players ... and I can shower ! All I can say is "BRING ON THE BOOZE!" We are going to a military-ish campground ... they rent out spaces for people to camp ... and it is on their base ... or some nonsense ... Let us think of hot men in uniform, shall we ?!?!

I have a lot of over-whelming feelings lately ... I am kinda down in the dumps since the DS left me for the summer ... but, maybe this weekend will get me outta my funk and back into normal mode again ... whatever that is !

Thursday, June 15, 2006

- Random 4 -

Sorry. I have been busy.

I am angry today. Yesterday I was depressed. I am so sick of riding this emotional roller coaster, I don't understand why the bastard won't let me off ! I am a good person ...

So ... I am still counting down the days until the Enclavian Slumber Party ... We are at 64 days ~ OR ~ 1538 Hours ~ OR ~ 92290 Minutes ... this is current time people ... The minutes are just ticking away ... I am so excited to meet my fellow Enclavian Bitches ( i sometimes like to refer to us as this ... JD does not know how lucky he is ... )

Someday, I think I may share the story of "Irene" with you all ... LOL ! EB's, you know what I am talking about !

Well, the DS is now gone for the summer ... which has brought in a big flush of what I call "pity invites" ... I told that to my mother and she yelled "your friends would not invite you out if they didn't want to spend time with you !" ... I understand that ... I am so lucky to have the friends that I have ... They know when to give me the space I need, and they seem to know when I need a friend to be with ... Thank You ! And let me not forget a shout-out to the EB's who also put up with my rants and raves ...

Ok ... Well, I can see my work here is done for the day ... I am going to go and watch Laguna Beach ... I need to see someone else's drama for once, cause I am SO sick of the drama of those referred to as IT, EZ, GQ, and BF !