Thursday, January 11, 2007

gibberish ...

So ... of course there is more WONDERFUL gossip that ROCKET man could come back to Boston ... I would love to see him finish his career where it all began ... as a Red Sox playa !

Grey's Anatomy is on tonight ...we have had 6 freakin weeks of repeats ... and I need my fix ! It's like drugs ... but only I don't do drugs ... but it's kinda the same ... isn't it ???

My fellow EB's and I are starting talks of the 2nd Annual Enclavian Slumber Party / 2007 ! We are going to meet up in Boston again and attend some games at Fenway. We are giving ourselves an extra day or two to spend with each other because we felt that time was to short last summer ... Maybe I will fly in, jaunt down to the Cape for a couple days, and then head back to the city for a few days of baseball, pampering, and alcohol !

*sigh* I am excited already and it's not even set in stone ... no tickets have been bought or anything ... but I can't wait to spend some time with my good friends.


Fenway Blogger said...

Hi Novella!

Thanks for checking out my site this am. Fenway is a great place! I have a Liquor Store on the Cape if you make it here this season. I am adding your link to my site.


JTT said...

Liquor store? A good old fashioned packy??

We Are So There. LOL

Hello Novy Raw. Anything interesting lately?? lol

Novella said...

FB - where 'bouts is your packy ? I always need booze when I go there ... so ... LOL !

JTT ... anything interesting ... other than being stalked by UDD ... nope ... nuttin ! LOL !