Wednesday, October 11, 2006

- Today -

I was sitting down going over some accounts today, and I glanced at the TV.

New York City, I am sorry.

It is not fair to have all the bad stuff happen to you ...

A small 4 seater plane crashed into a NYC high rise this afternoon.

I send prayers and thoughts to everyone. The NYC fireman are so brave after 9/11 to enter these burning buildings, and when an airplane is involved, it didn't stop them. They did their job - they truly are heros.

I realize this is not on a grand scale compared to what happened 5 years ago ... but it's heart wrenching all the same.

----------------------------- UPDATE !! ----------------------------------

The plane that crashed today in NYC was registered to MFY Cory Lidle. He is feared dead. My prayers are with his family at such a sad time.

"Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a high-rise apartment building in Manhattan on Wednesday, according to published reports. "

"There was a mayday, FAA reports, from the pilot involving a problem with fuel before the aircraft crashed into the 50-story high-rise on Manhattan's East Side."

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