Tuesday, October 17, 2006

G.D. Christmas Songs !!!!

Someone here at work was singing Deck the halls w/ boughs of holly ... fa la la la la ... lalalala ...


Don't they know that if they start singing a song ... I too will start singing it ... and it will be stuck in my head ... for the rest of the day ... ???????????


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Peter N said...

Novy, I end up with songs stuck in my head daily...a 6 to 8 hour event. Now, thank goodness! All I have to do is transfer those songs to you, with a lyric, or a thought. And then maybe, just maybe, they'll be banished from my grey matter. To yours. We sorta think alike at times. Scary, I know. I'll give it a shot...soon...are you ready? And speaking of ready, will the Mets be ready? TONIGHT???? We shall see, I love reading you. Peter