Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Last night excited me ... If my beloved Red Sox couldn't be in the playoff's or the World Series ... let it be a team from the Midwest!

I was so happy to see the Detroit Tigers pounce on the A's ! 5-1 ! Good Job ... Nice homer Brandon Inge !

Well ... Dammit ... I'm down in the dumps ... it's gonna snow today! Snow! I'm not ready for it. I have so much to do to get ready - work in the garage and move the ds's go-kart so I can get my car back in there. I want to clean up my laundry room and add a 5 foot table and lamp to keep all my scrapbook supplies in there. I need somewhere to go, a little space of my own, but my ds disagrees's with me on that. Hey, maybe I should move HIM to the laundry room and take over his bedroom - it's plenty big enough - and I would like his room much more. LOL!

I need to do something. I need to join something or make a commitment to do something every week or every month. I am falling into a rut and it's devestating. I want to be out of this funk I am in - I want to do more than come home from work, and cook dinner, and go to bed. Hockey season for my wonderful ds is approaching so at least that gives me something to do 2-3 nights a week.

Well, today I entered in my 2007 vacation picks. My wonderful Enclavian friends and I want to get together in Boston again. We have decided to NOT attend another MFY series game. It was rough - and I just don't know that I want to go through that again. So - let's pray I get one of my picks, so I can attend at least one of my series's of choice. The atmosphere at Fenway is incredible - we all love Boston - and I think just being able to hang out and spend time with these wonderful friends of mine is something I need to do.

Hey, I am blessed to have great friends, here, at home too. I don't know what I would do without my 'Nifer or Rem or Berk ... they are superb friends ... and they put up with alot of my crap ... they let me talk about baseball all day ... and it's funny ... cause they don't care about it!

'Nifer and I are going to scrap on Friday. I am looking forward to that ... I want to finish up the pages from my Enclavian Slumber Party trip and the Red Sox/MFY game ... I have some pictures to do of my cousins daughters too. I am looking forward to that because I have a son, and never get to play with pink paper or girly embellishments ... it's gonna be fun.


Peter N said...

SSHH..don't tell anyone, but I have your blog to read now. And that's great!

Peter N said...

And i just looked at your links, and there are people I know...don't be a stranger. And have a great Wednesday. Peter

Novella said...

Thanks ... I was going to add you too ! But I have been busy trying to change the look of things ... I will do it today ...

JTT said...

Let me just go on record here that I would rather attend an mfy game and that would've been cool if FAT HEAD, STUPID ASS SHELLEY had a brain or any abilities as a fan club president.

There. I said it. Bye bye. ;)

Novella said...

I told you I would have gone to an MFY game again ... I would too ... but ... we wouldn't have been able to convince the "others" to go ...

so ... shall we be happy trying to obtain Orioles or White Sox tickets ?

And me ... I don't care ... cause I'll be at Fenway!