Thursday, October 26, 2006


Happy Birthday !

Cumpleaños felices !


Joyeux Anniversaire !

Glad Fødselsdag


Glücklicher Geburtstag !

Compleanno felice !

С днем рождения

Well, it's my birthday today ... that's all I got to say !


Peter N said...

Happy happy good health and long life wishes for you. Your comments at my place never cease to AMAZE me. Have a wonderful, special, oh so nice, tremendous, one of a kind, never forget (PHEW!) birthday! I had more to say, but I gave me the hook. Happy birthday Novy!

Jen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NOVY FRIEND-- GETTING OLDER every YEAR Kinda Stinks but you have to enjoy your special day-- Here's to 100 more !!

Love ya and glad we are friends!