Monday, October 16, 2006

Another happy Monday?

I don't think so!

I am wicked tired this morning ... I knew I shouldn't have taken that little nap yesterday afternoon. It screwed with my whole day!

The ds came home from his dad's yesterday ... he didn't have a nice weekend and he never wants to go back. Lucky for me, I know he will change his mind when it's time to go again. I don't think they are getting along well. He says all they do is yell at him ... poor kid. It's hard going from one house to another - with the houses having different rules to follow. He apparently got yelled at for bringing his dad the phone and the dog got out ... Relax ... enjoy the time with your child ... his dad needs to remember that his time shouldn't be taken for granted.

OK ... enough with that attitude ... moving on ...

We just got a new Coleman air mattress thingy ... In case I go camping ... so the ds and I blew it up in the living room yesterday and laid on it and watched a little TV after dinner - he had a blast and wants to do it again this weekend, only we have to sleep on it and have popcorn ! LOL! I'll go buy a new movie or something and we can have a fun night!

That ds of mine is funny ... for Christmas last year a friend of mine made me a Red Sox blanket. He is NOT allowed to use it unless he has special permission. So, we were laying down last night on the air mattress and we each had a blanket - so he then covered us both up with the Red Sox blanket - "since it's a special night". I got lucky and have a sweet child.

And hockey has now started for the ds ... well, next week it does. I am looking foward to this - it's so much fun!

Scrapping was fun ... I did some girly pages of my cousin's daughters - it was fun because I got to use PINK paper's and pretty things ... not just boy stuff! I even bought a pink album to use for them ... Now I just need more pictures of the girls!

I also worked on the Enclavian Slumber Party book ... it's coming along really well. I did 2 layouts (4 pages) of our dinner and drinks at Skipjacks ... I also did a page of me w/ Fanny the Fenway Cow ... LOL!

Yes, and before I forget:

Way To Go Tigers ! Mag's is da' man !

I'm sorry this was all about me today ... it was a rough Sunday and I needed to vent it out, to not keep it bottled up ...


Peter N said...

We (me actually) love to hear about you, and your weekend provided so much to write about...good AND bad...that's the way things are most of the time. The good will outweigh the bad, by far. Promise. I really do. I am always optimistic. Maybe it's catching! Take reading you.

Mellie said...

Novy! I had a crap day today at work and then I read your blog and smiled! You make me smile! Thanks, friend!!