Saturday, November 18, 2006

Surprise !

Happy Saturday !

Novy makes a surpise appearance ... lol !

Hockey went really last night. The ds went with his father for the weekend ... he'll be home in time to go to a friends birthday party. YAY! *Note: take advil beforehand*

I went home, made some soup, watched a little tv, and fell asleep. Sounds super exciting doesn't it? Uh, yeah ... it's not.

I'm still a little tired ... I got some work to get done today, I have busted through a lot already, but it's still early.

Have a great weekend!


kaylee said...

NOVY, I didnt do much either last night9except go to an NBA game)with
my boyfriend that was actually quite fun.Then of course I came home and went to be.why do they say 8:30pm start times and then not start til 9:00pm?I hate those late start times

Peter N said...