Thursday, November 16, 2006

Counting ...


to Thanksgiving.

I am so anxious to have my mom and dad here. I will have to get busy and get the house from comfortably, lived in messy ... to MOM CLEAN ! Nothing out of place ... I think they are bringing Beau dog with ... so the ds will be very happy.

I am still planning to veg out on Saturday. I may go into work for a few hours and then I think 'Nifer is going to bring Honey B over and we'll watch a movie. I told her if she brings the movie, I will make the garlic dip. I have forewarned her that I will be in my jammie pants ... LOL !


Peter N said...

First of all, I haven't eaten since breakfast. And then you, yes you, mention garlic dip. Now I have to go searching for that perfect dip, and the dippee for it. Gotta love ya!

Novella said...

I love garlic dip ... I grew up on it ... it's a staple at all family gatherings ...

a little cream cheese, some garlic, and milk ... anything is good to dip in it. We prefer potato chips ... but doritos & crackers are good too !

Peter N said...

YUMMMMM...this guy's heart is already won over by you and your you're funny.