Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A little of this ...

and a little of that.


It's gonna be a long day.

I came into work early today and we have hockey tonight, so who knows when I will get home.

I have some errands to run after hockey, I suppose I could do them DURING practice, but I prefer to be there to watch. What if something happened to me driving in rush hour traffic, and the ds was done with practice, waiting for me? It's just better to wait there. I keep my MP3 player in my purse so I can zone out on the game and listen to some good tunes.

The ds is having a friend sleepover this weekend. He needed to make sure his room was clean last night ... and he did an excellent job. I was very proud. So, if he keeps it that way until Friday, I will put the PS2 in his room. It beats having the kids playing video games in my room ... then I can have some peace !

OOOH ... and I watched Prison Break on FOX last night ... it was awesome ... you can't trust anyone apparently.

... Wishing everyone a wonderful day ... the weather is great here today, so that's got me in a smiling mood ... (for now)

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Peter N said...

And it's warm here too....60 degees F. at noon. I'm glad you're smiling, my non-Bond girl blog friend. Me too...I just voted.