Friday, November 10, 2006

Another day ...

... another post.

First and foremost ... HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE !

We are in for 4-7 inches of snow through tomorrow. YIKES !! I'm not ready for this yet. You would think I would be ... coming from Northern Minnesota and all ... but ... yuck. Winter is NOT my favorite season ... it's my least favorite to be completely honest with you.

I did a little bit of on-line shopping yesterday. I got my dad some clothes from Cabella's and my mom ... well ... I'm not gonna say ... but it's something BEAUTIFUL. She will love it.

I am going to do some scrapbook shopping today for some holiday paper ... I want to be ready ... My mother asked for me to bring some stuff home so we can scrap over Christmas. She would like to learn, so I'm going to buy some paper I think she will enjoy ...

So ... today I will shop a little more on my lunch break ... I thought of a few more gifts I would like to buy. I am trying to avoid the mall this holiday shopping season AT ALL COSTS !

The ds is having a sleep-over at the house this weekend ... Better stock of on Advil !

Anything exciting for anyone else this weekend ?


Peter N said...

Warm weather continues here in New England, Southern New England, until your cooler air slowly makes its way Eastward. Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for your endless comments. I love it.

kaylee said...

NO but fever are no fun.