Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I woke up ...

on the wrong side of the bed. I usually wake up really crabby and today is not that way. I was actually chipper - tired - but in a semi-happy mood.

I went in the bathroom to get ready for work, and cranked up some music. I was a singing fool this morning. I sing EVERY morning but I did it more so today. Today's choice of music was actually Carrie Underwood. Surprising, I know!

I watched Prison Break last night - only 1 more show until the fall finale. I HATE these "fall finale's" ... dumb I tell you. Well, it was still a good episode.

I started a new book last night. Some new Jackie Collins drama-filled smut book. LOL ! So far so good.

Well ... enough for now. I heard your yawns over the speakers on my computer ...


Jen said...

You are in a better mood.

Just remember the World loves you, even if you are hating--so stop fighting and accept it.

Here is to ICEMAN !!


Peter N said...

Wow..the famous 'Niffer...nice to meet you..I am Peter, a huge fan of your friend Novy. Have a great holiday with you and yours....oh, and Novy..it's 5:30, and I'm saying hi!

Peter N said...

And 'Niffer, I'm part of that world that thinks she's the absolute best! Cuz she is!

Jen said...

Well Peter, We all think Novella is cool, she just needs to be reminded about all the love out there.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all as well.


Peter N said...