Monday, November 27, 2006


I have the sniffles & sneezes today ...

Anyhoo .... *sigh* It's another Monday. The weekend was lovely ... I was sad to see my parents leave. I will see them over Christmas though for 10 days, and they will be back down in February I believe ... for the ds's hockey game. I can live with that !

Yesterday was a VERY lazy day. I took the ds to see "Flushed Away". The theatre was packed ... I am not kidding. The movie ranked very low in my opinion ... and I love movies, so my opinion matters!

We then went to the scrapbook store ... where I purchased the stuff to make my holiday cards. Uh ... $75.00 later we left. I knew I should have just gone to the Hallmark store to buy my cards ... would have been A LOT cheaper ... Anyone want me to send you one ? I'm kidding ! I made 7 of them yesterday, and they are all different. I don't know that I want to make all 40 of them ... oh well, lesson learned I guess. Maybe I will do it again, only I will start earlier in the year !

Well ... I have some stuff to do ... adios ...

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Peter N said...

Me too!