Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chilly ...


I tood the ds trick or treating last night ... and boy, was it cold ! We went for about 2 hours and I couldn't take anymore, so we went out for dinner. We both had a cup of hot chocolate and it hurt my teeth I was so cold.

Ah, but the ds got a ton of candy I will probably end up throwing away because he will forget about it or get tired of it for a while. Thank goodness. There is a local dentist who pays you for your halloween candy by the pound ... I should do that!

Well, 'Nifer is off to ol Mississippi ... if she drove straight through, she would be there by now, but I haven't heard from her yet. I hope she stopped for a couple hours of sleep though, that's a long haul when you are driving by yourself.

I am lost right now. My friend Mel said it best when she asked "Is it baseball season yet?" ... I'm ready ... I want it back. I need something to focus on.


Mellie said...

Seriously, is it baseball season yet??????

Peter N said...

It's not baseball season yet, but Novy, when you put your mind toward your blog, I (we, all of us), are so happy. I am a reader...forever. Enjoy our Wednesday......Peter

JTT said...

Trick or Treat! I miss my son dressing up! It was so much fun. So what was he??

Novella said...

nananananana BATMAN !

One day I will post a pic of his costume ... it had flashing lights and everything !