Monday, November 20, 2006

Another Monday !

Gawd ... I hate Monday's ... I really do.

I did NOT want to wake up this morning, but I did ... obviously.

The ds came home yesterday - with an attitude! We had a birthday party to go to. It was at the Gymnastics Center at the University ... OMG ! It was so fun. I even took a turn on the obstacle course, whew ... I can understand why the kids were tired.

I am really into this show, Brothers & Sisters, on ABC. Last night's episode, was another great show. I was happy to see things work out in their family (yes, I realize it's not a reality show, but I still get involved in the storyline).

*yawn* I really wish I could go home, climb the stairs, and crawl back into bed under the warm covers. *slaps herself* I can't think like that ... the day has just begun !

Anyone have anything exciting to share ?

** Also, would like to share my happiness with the Patriots beating the Pack ... someone up above has answered my prayers yet again. **


Peter N said...

My blog turned one year old! I feel like a proud father. I'm happy you had a great Sunday, and Mondays are supposed to be just as you described. At least the morning part of the day. Rev that engine, and take care.

Peter N said...

Watching the Pats surgically eliminate their yesterday rival, dismantle is a better word, was so much fun. Did you see any of the game?

Novella said...

I didn't watch it ... I was gone most of the day ... but I was happy to HEAR about it ... :)