Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm back ...

I need a vacation from my mini vacation to my cousins !!! LOL !

Oh ... what a great time ... my little sweetheart was spoiled rotten, and everyone knew it !

We baked cookies, and read stories - and I would change the names in the stories to be about us and others in her (our family), and we colored pictures ... and opened presents .... and went shopping ... and told secrets ... and played "kitchen" ... and watched a movie ... and had bath time ... and played and played and PLAYED !!

A little girl is MUCH more than I am used to ... my ds is very low maintenance compared to this little girl ... but what a treasure she is ...

We went to someone's house to view their Christmas lights ... they have 3 acres of ALL LIGHTS ! It's BEAUTIFUL ... I will post pics at some point .... they had free smores ... and free hot cider & coffee with cookies ... and the kids saw Santa ... and they got a free winter hat w/ a commemorative patch.


I wrapped some presents after a quick-mini, last-minute shopping trip this afternoon ... we just ordered some pizza ... so I have to go and pick that up ... will my day ever end ????

I'm not complaining !


Mellie said...

Aw sweets it sounds like this was just what you needed! Enjoy! You deserve it.

Peter N said...

You sound soooo happy. And that makes me smile.....continue having fun! Promise?

kaylee said...

sounds like you had fun.Merry christmas'