Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pre-Holiday Gift Giving !

We had our holiday party at work today - and exchanged our "secret santa style" gifts ...
The recipient of my gifts was very happy ... so I am pleased with that.
I - oooh ... am very happy as well with the wonderful gift I received. A friend of mine - Conway Twitty - was my "secret santa" ... and she fooled me good ... I asked for:
  • Scrapbooking Stuff
  • Red Sox Stuff
  • Hinder's CD

So ... I opened my card ... and got a great gift card to a scrapbook store ... and then my wrapped present ... held this:

IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT ! 12 months of wonderful men in uniform !!!!

On a sad note ... Trot Nixon is February ...


Jen said...

Happy Holidays to the Novella- the Secret Santa stuff was fun today-- festive and all that crap-- you have issues with the SOX !! OCD !

Novella said...




OCD ?????

Peter N said...

Nice animation! From the queen of media!

Peter N said...

Oh! I was just given the exact same calender for my kitchen wall.....but rather than men in uniform, I think of the calender as Red Sox each month, every month! Your party sounded like fun.

JTT said...

I had that one!!