Thursday, December 14, 2006

holiday stress ...

*sigh* I am stressed today.

I am going on vacation tomorrow and keep thinking maybe I shouldn't go - of course I am going to ... but I hate leaving my co-workers in the lurch. I can't help but think about it. I'm sorry (if you are reading this ...) I know that once I leave tomorrow, I will be fine. It's just today is the day I feel bad.

I have 1.5 million things to accomplish before I head out today. I need more time ! Wait ... maybe I just need to relax ... it will be fine. It can always wait until I return.

ok ... now my stomach hurts.


Jen said...

Don't worry about us--we got it covered. Have a great holiday vacation with your family....I am gonna miss you though.

Love ya.


Peter N said...

Yes, I need the vacation, and it WILL be stress-free!! I promise. And what do you think of Dice K's new number?...18...May he use it in good health for 6 years. After all, that's what the number eighteen means....l'chaim, to health and long life. Novy, have fun, be safe.

Mellie said...


You're just like me...I feel so guilty the day before vaca and then I'm like buh bye! LOL