Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just another day of ...

doing nothing !

It is 3:00 pm and I am still in my jammies !

My parents, the ds, and I played a round of Red Sox Monopoly (my mother whooped us !) and then we played a couple of games of cribbage. Cribbage is good for the ds so he can work on his math skills and not even realize he's doing it !

I am bringing him over to his paternal grandparents for a couple hours here shortly ... and then we are going to my gramma's restaurant for dinner.

*sigh* I love not having to do anything ...

It's a nice day today - I did bring the dog out to his kennel ... so I have done SOMETHING today!

Tomorrow we are heading out to my cousins so I can see his daughters ... I will have them open their Christmas gifts early since I heard through the grapevine that my aunt & uncle are going out of town for the holiday. They don't tell their kids anything so I am bringing my gifts with as I fear they don't know not to come home for Christmas. How sad is that !

~ I'm off to get dressed now ... I can't be a bum all day !


kaylee said...

Sounds like me on the weekend lol.Better get back to studying for my finals tomorrow:-(I hate those and school period. but,at least I get 2 weeks off after Thursday!YAY!

JTT said...

Lazing around are you!??? When there's work to be done!?? LOL I'm glad you are wandering around the great midwest in your jammies. I am jealous.

But come and talk to me -- its not the weekend you know!

SWEET game -- really! Santa is awesome!! Awesome for the World!!! ;)