Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baseball on my mind ...

I talked to a friend of mine late last week. She lives out in Washington State, about an hour or so outside of Seattle. She is coming home for an extended visit this Spring (March/April-ish). I have been talking about going out there for about ... OH ... the past 3 years !

I have decided (at least for now) that if I go ... I would like to go for a long weekend in May. Well, I had the idea of checking the Mariners schedule ... and the MFY's will be in town when I want to go.

We all know I am not a MFY fan ... but in my heart I am forever a Johnny fan ... in addition to loving the Red Sox.

How perfect would it be to see him play another game ?

So ... at this point in time ... I am thinking about going out for the Mariner/MFY series ... it could be a good time. At this point, I would also like to extend an invite to any of my EB's ... if they would care to join me ... for some reason ... a flight to Seattle ... is pretty damn cheap !


Peter N said...

Hi, and this Boras(s) stuff is driving me crazy. To think he is withholding facts from his client is unforgivable!

JTT the whiner said...

You sonofa -- if you meet him without me -- life will not be worth living... (for me) -- for YOU, it will be heaven!!! LOL