Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stress kills ...

Wow … It’s been awhile. Sorry. What can I say, hell happens on Earth ?

I was in my first fender-bender, and I was the one rear ended. For now, no details needed, just wish me luck and that I am am strong again soon.

I survived corporate America ! I went through my first lay off experience, and was not even a pawn on the chopping block … I am sorry to those that were, we are all thinking about you. It was a very stressful time. One I hope I never have to experience again.

Well, what other good news to share with anyone who happens by ? Only 164 more days until game day … how do you like them apples ? CAN’T WAIT !

Does anyone have an e-bay addiction ? I do. I am into buying all of this scrapbook stuff, and pampered chef, and … well, basically just scrapbooking stuff. Yes, fun, but I love scrapping … have you ever tried it? I am trying to make books for both of my parents, and it’s time consuming … because they have different personalities and I want it to fit them. I made one for my DS’s father, when he got married … I hope it was appreciated, cause it took a long time !

Nothing can get me in the mood today, unless Johnny Damon was in town, and wanted to take me out for dinner tonight, but I will just go with my DS like I always do on Tuesday’s. No loss there, he’s a good date !

Well, I wish I could just puke, and make everything better !

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