Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just another day ...

Ok People, Listen Up, cause I got nothing to say !


Sorry … where was I ?

Well, today is just another day. Nothing great or wonderful will be happening, it never does. All I have to look forward to is taking the DS out for our routine Tuesday night dinner, and a stop at the movie store, but I don’t really want to buy King Kong … I heard bad things about it … do you have a suggestion ?

I am still counting down the days to the Slumber Party of the Enclave, only 143 more days. I wish I could hit fast forward and be only 10 days from now. I am ready for baseball to start … to hell with ST … bring on the regular season and the playoff’s ! I am still obsessing over Johnny D. He is what does it for me, I tell ya ! He’s great … and seeing him in person will make my trip to Boston complete.

Today, my fellow Enclavers and I were talking about drinking. Where we want to go for cocktails, what kind of beer/cocktails we want to have, what types of booze to bring to the hotel room. This is a party after all, and what party is complete without alcohol ??? I better start practicing up … build up my tolerance ! I am ready for a weekend of naughtiness … hope they don’t read this and see what I am saying … don’t want to scare them off … now if JD factored into the naughtiness, that’s another story … but the prick is married and his wife (I got shivers down my spine there) probably won’t let him run amok with his cyber wives … Maybe next time !

Well, I just need to say that I got my haircut this weekend … I used to keep it long for some asshole guy, and now to cleanse myself of him, I cut it … I go through these stages periodically, so pay no attention …

Ok ... I am done for now people's ... thanks for listening ... to uh, nothing ? LOL !

***And a side note: Is there a more perfect man than this ??? (sigh ........................)


Rebecca said...

that pic was taken in the tiny parking lot next to Fenway that the players use. When you see it you will wonder how they fit more than four cars there!

ephedrine is coming back on the market, I've learned. If you don't have time to build up your tolerance, this would be a decent substitute.

JTT said...

Dear Jesus; there is no more perfect man. ;)

And yeah; I read your blog about your intentions in Beantown.... and holy cannoli, I am SCARED.

Not. LOL!