Thursday, March 30, 2006

Welcome Leonardo Numchuck

Hello today friends. For some reason I keep thinking today is Friday, but unfortunately it is only Thursday. DAMN !

Well, last night I took the DS to buy a new fish. He is a very handsome Beta, he has a lot of red to him, and a beautiful tail. His name is Leonardo Numchuck Novy. The DS likes to give things middle names, I think it is cute. I bought some new fish food last night too, and then today I overfed the damn thing! Am I being punished or something ???? Anyhow, the picture is not of our own Leonardo, but another reddish beta ... Leonardo is much more handsome than that !

Anyone read the NY post this week? What is the deal with Randy Johnson ? It has been bugging me that this Christian man has a daughter out there from an old girlfriend that he doesn’t care to know. He just pays them every month and leaves it at that, and now that the Mom has asked him for some help to pay for college and a reliable car for his daughter, he is going to sue the woman for overpaying his child support. Well it is his own fault that he kept paying her for daycare expenses when she is now 16, it’s just him being a dumb a$$. The guy is a flippin millionaire and this is what he decides to do, for $93,000 he over payed her … JERK ! I don’t like when dad’s do that stuff, I have a hard enough time w/ my own DS’s father … no offense.

Today I am debating of going home to my parents for the weekend. My friend became a father at the beginning of the month and I would love to see my “niece”. I always get to be an auntie, because I am an only child. I have great best friends from high school whom my DS calls auntie and uncle – and they now return the favor. So I am feeling the need to go home and see her, and buy her some girlie things !

My mom and dad are going to be remodeling their house, so my bedroom will be moved to the basement … and the DS’s stuff will move into mine. That is another reason to go home, stay in MY room one last time !!!! Not that it is really my room anymore, none of my stuff is really in there, except for the Graduation Barbie I got in 1997, when I graduated from high school, she even has a purple cap and gown, like me !

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