Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A ramble ...

Well … I don’t know … it’s been a rough 3 days I guess. I will keep it short ...

I am still a bit achy from the accident … real stiff and sore. I try to get up and move around to stretch, but I just need some relaxation time, so I guess it’s early to bed for me again tonight. The poor DS … we will come home, he will play for awhile while I am getting my jammies on, and meet me in my room. Last night we finished watching “Walk the Line” and started watching the new “Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire” flick. We saw it in the theatre, but we watched the other 3 this weekend, and we have to watch them in order.

So, to conclude the above ramblings of me, I am a movie junkie. I love Tuesdays, they are one of my favorite days of the week, and that is because that is New Movie Release Day !!!! Last week I bought “Walk the Line”, “Yours, Mine, & Ours”, and re-released “Lady and the Tramp”. Yesterday I picked up “Harry Potter” and “Jarhead”. It’s a sickness … I swear it is … The compulsion to buy DVD’s … I remember the first one I bought, Coyote Ugly. My 2nd and 3rd was Youngs Guns and Young Guns II. And I couldn’t stop, I probably have 350 of them, and counting … And the really anal part is that they are all in alphabetical order … IT IS A SICKNESS !

MOVING ON … Only 163 days until game day ! OMG, I cannot wait ! We had mentioned on the Enclave about getting Enclave shirts … but maybe we can do baseball style hats, I suggested that today … I think that would be fun ! Let everyone know we are there as a group – we even told Johnny himself about the Enclave … How great would it be to get him to autograph my hat ???? Keeping my fingers crossed …Oh ... I just hope we don't have to sit next to MFY's ... I don't want to be like these fellows, bashing each other over the head with clubs !

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