Tuesday, February 28, 2006

'tis the season ?

BLAH ! That’s what I have to say. I think it is the time of year, I hate it. I do not want to say I am depressed, but FTLOG, I am tired ! It seems that no matter how much, or little, sleep I get, it’s not nearly enough. I wake up tired in the morning, and try sleeping in just a few extra minutes, but it’s not helping.

Are there a few of you out there with children ? Children who can’t keep their rooms clean ? Children whose mother needs to clean his room for 6 hours (I need to be fair, I did rearrange, and clean out the closet, and hang up some pictures … ) ?????!!!! WOW ! I was not a very happy person. I moved the bed, what do I find ? 20, yes twenty, Pop-Tart wrappers under the bed. He doesn’t have to sneak food, but he isn’t supposed to eat in his room, for this very reason. URGHHH ! He has attempted a promise to keep his room clean for me … or no friends over … and I mean it this time!

I am going to “spring clean” my own bedroom this upcoming weekend. I have piles of clothes that belong to the DS to get rid of and LOADS of laundry to hang up in the closet. I want to go through everything and lose the clutter !!!!! It’s hard to do though, I like to hold onto stuff, cause you never know when you will need it. And after my room is de-cluttered, I am moving onto the laundry room. YIKES ! WANTED: Any suggestions at keeping things clean/organized …

Ummm … I am still debating if I am going to share this site with my mother … Hi, Ma … Love you ! … it’s hard when you jot down all of your feelings and share it with your family, it’s different when I don’t know you. Ah, don’t listen to me … I just need a nap !

BTW ... 171 days until game day !

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JTT said...

Hey girl - I don't know about you up theyah in the great northwest or midnorthwest or wherever that state is :) - but here in Cow Hampshire .... yes, yes I can feel spring is just around the corner!

As for dear son's who don't clean their room and the anguish of finding candy wrappers under their bed - count your blessings, darling, you won't believe what you can find under the bed of a 17 year old... do NOT go there. :0 LOL! Our trip is looking better and better all the time - I can't wait now!