Tuesday, March 21, 2006

- Random -

Wow … what to do, what to do ?!? On my last post I talked about the DS’s friend, and how they behaved with each other … well now his mom called and wants us to have dinner together again … I don’t know that I can handle these kids behaving naughty like they did last week … URGH !

So, today I have physical therapy for my back and neck, I am a bit sore today, so I hope it helps.

Now that Spring is approaching, I am starting to get out of my funk. I think I get a bit depressed at the end of winter, and now I am feeling more upbeat. I want to do more things, and make plans to do stuff, and do the spring cleaning … now if I could only convince myself to do those 43 loads of laundry that is piling up in the laundry room.

This week, as I was doing some laundry … I noticed that I have a tendency to buy skirts, and not wear them. I have about 15 skirts in my closet that I have never worn, I probably bought them on sale, and there they have stayed, on the hanger. So, the other night I was at the store. I walk past the center clearance rack, and what do I see ? A purple skirt for $1.00. Do I walk past and leave it there for someone else ? No, I quickly grab it and put it in my cart and tell myself that I will wear it. Do I think I will ? Ummm, probably … not, but I am going to put a good effort and try !

So, as for the upcoming trip to Boston. Only 150 more days. I am getting excited. I am starting to look at prices for my airline ticket, we are also trying to narrow down where we want to stay. We have 7 people going … so we are going to try for 2 adjoining rooms to make the slumber party more spacious and roomy … FTLOG … I am going to see Johnny Damon … in 150 days … (faints … ) I am debating on what kind of sign I want to make … a friend that is coming suggested something dirty, go figure … It would be cute … picture this … A picture of Johnny
followed by the words “I want to ride you like a” … and then ending with a picture of a stallion … What do you think ? I am going for the shock factor here ! Maybe I will use these two pictures ... ? ...


Rebecca said...

I am still researching the "where to stay" issue. hang tight.

JTT said...

LOL! Nice pictures, but what kind of friend would suggest such a thing??