Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stressors of raising children ...

Oh … the joy of children !

I let my DS have a sleepover with one of his friends from school last weekend, and I am still trying to recover ! It was awful ! It was a nightmare ! I do not plan on ever having another one !

His friend, from here on in referred to as DSF, is 8 and the DS is 6. They are in a multi age classroom. I took them bowling, rented movies, ordered pizza, played games, but nothing I did was good enough for the DSF. I think the DSF has an attention problem, after 10 minutes into anything, other than the bowling, he was ready to move on to something else. Then the kids would fight !!!! OMG, would they fight. The DSF would not share the PS2, so after numerous requests to share I said I would be shutting it off, so once again my son comes downstairs to say there is not yet any sharing, so I said to shut it off. After the DS did as he was told, the DSF freaked out, and the DS was screaming ! I ran upstairs the DSF has my DS pinned on the floor, pinching his neck, and yelling at him !!!! I was royally ticked !!! The DSF broke things, or did things he wasn’t supposed to do, like play w/ blue play-doh on my white carpet, and jump on it to flatten it !!! … URGGGHHHHH !

So, does that give me just cause to tell the DS that we will NOT be having friends over for sleepovers for awhile ? Or maybe we will just try to have a different friend over … I don’t know.

I have to be honest, this experience made me so happy that I only have the one child. Maybe it’s because I am a single mother that this boy wouldn’t listen to me, since he doesn’t listen to his own mother. Boys tend to only fear the wrath of their fathers … or in my DS’s case, he fears my mother as he doesn’t want to disappoint her. I can still say to him that I am calling his gramma and he will shape up rather quickly.

OK … sound off 1-2 … 3-4 !!!

oh ... I cannot believe I almost forgot to mention this ... ONLY 156 more days until Red Sox vs. MFY's !!!!!


JTT said...

Novy darling - I had NO IDEA the DSF was such a dickhead! I would've threatened to call his mother right then to come and get him -- your poor ds!

Absolutely -- have a sleep over again, but NOT WITH THIS KID. I hate to say it, but kids like that don't change -- he will never be a good influence on the ds.

"The Voice Of Experience" (echo

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