Friday, March 24, 2006

Kids and Rocks ...

Today is Friday. THANK GOODNESS ! It has been a very long week !

I woke up this morning at 4:15 am – I had to be somewhere by 5:30 am so I could purchase some raffle tickets for a chance to win 6 tickets plus round trip limousine transportation to St Paul, MN to see Kid Rock ! The tickets wee $10.00 each – and I bought 5 – they were only selling 100 of them. My friend bought 10, and the other one bought 2 – so we have 17 tickets amongst us … the odds are good … So, we go to breakfast before work since it is only like 6:20 am, after I drop my son off at school I look at one of my friends and we know, we just know we should stop any buy a couple more … so we do … I really want to take my mom and dad with me to the concert … they would LOVE it.

I have NO plans for the weekend … taking the DS to a birthday party and then he has a hockey banquet / dinner in the evening. I love that he has all of these hockey trophy’s in his room, it makes me so proud. Coming from the North country of the Midwest hockey runs through your blood … I grew up watching my cousins all play, and I love that my son now plays … Sending him off to hockey camp again this summer, he got better this season after having practiced in the off season. The DS is only 6, and most everyone else on his team is 8, but he can compete … He just needs to practice, pay attention, and play!

Well, I am still counting down for my trip … Can you believe we are down to 147 days until game day ? WOW ! I just get so excited when I think about this. Anyone reading this that is going with … are you as excited as I am ???? We are still working on where we are going to stay … there are some really nice hotels out there … we should have a nice time …

Well … I should stop rambling … I tend to do that … SORRY !

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