Monday, April 02, 2007

So far the MFY's are down ...

and I can say I am grateful ... sorry ...

I liked this ...

Yankees first.
- Damon singled to right.
- Jeter flied out to right fielder Delm.Young.
- B.Abreu singled to left, Damon to second.
- A.Rodriguez struck out.
- Damon stole third.
- B.Abreu stole second.
- Giambi singled to center, Damon scored, B.Abreu scored.
- H.Matsui walked on a full count, Giambi to second.
- Posada popped out to second baseman Upton.

Way to start off the season A-Rod ... I pray for many more of these !

Update ...

damn ... those mfy's are now up 9-5 ...

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