Thursday, April 05, 2007

First win for Dice-K !!


WAY TO GO D.M. !!!!

And I would like to say to the crowd of 23,170 who booed Matsuzaka in the first when he stepped behind the mound and started doing half jumping-jacks, snapping his heals together in the air. PISS OFF ASSHOLES ! You aint the MFY's ... if anyone can Boo my beloved Red Sox it's the MFYF's ... so, Go.To.Hell. - - - thanks !

Wow, D-Mat threw 74 of 108 pitches for strikes and he retired 10 batters in a row ... Hey, you have a fan here ... I swear to you ... LOL !

And ... let us not forget about dear Papelbon. He struck out two of three batters for his first save !!! Yay !!! Perfect ... He is going to be one of the best closers of his time ... no doubt about it ...

So, I am happy to say we, the Red Sox, took the series ... 2 W's under our belt ...


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Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

Only about 13,000 fans were booing Daisuke. The rest were RS fans & were cheering with me!