Monday, April 16, 2007

Relaxing Weekend ?

Uh - not so much ...

I did a lot this weekend.

I came to work on Saturday for about 5 hours ... It was hot in the building and I couldn't take much more.

I rearranged my living room - my arms are a little sore from moving the entertainment center, tv, dvd shelves, couch, mirror, building a new shelf, recliner (things heavy, it's a massaging one so it's got a motor in it), and the mirror above my couch - that beast is HEAVY.

Watched the wonderful Boston Boys of Baseball play the Angels ... Good Job Curt Schilling !!! great game I thought ...

When the ds came home from his dad's on Sunday, I took him to a movie - he picked Firehouse Dog . It was a cute movie - very much for kids of course - but I truly enjoyed it ...

Then we went and did some shopping, and went to dinner at a BBQ place ... YUM!

AND, the DS did go to the Twins / Devil Rays game with his dad on Saturday - the Twins got a win ! The DS also got a foul ball and got to shake hands with Juan Rincon who then went out and pitched right after that ! He had a good time ... even though there were no pictures taken ... I will have to remedy that when we go to our game!

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