Friday, April 27, 2007

Go Fish !

The ds was in a musical last night entitled GO FISH ... it was flat out !

The ds was a clownfish so he had to dress up as a clown - there were sharks, and an eel, seahorses (cowboys & cowgirls, crabs, an angel fish, starfish, polka-dotted zebra fish ! It was great - I was skeptical since I was only told Tuesday night by the ds that he needed a clown costume for the next day for dres rehearsal ... which i didn't have time to "make" ... but he looked wicked awesome last night !

*sigh* T G I F !

Tomorrow I am having a "redneck weiner" dinner party ... mostly booze and a couple friends - but we always have what I call redneck weiners, beans, brownies, beer, booze, and chips & dip ... we are going to go and have ourselves a pedicure first, then meet up at my house for some friendly fun ! I'm excited ...

and since we are talking about hotdogs, redneck style, it brings me to think that in 2 weeks I am going back home for something we have dubbed the redneck reunion ... only it's not the 2nd Annual, but take 2 !!! It will be so much fun ! More on that later though !

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Peter N said...

Hi Novy....great job last night by our Sox. I hope, once in a while (every day??), you can check the latest Red Sox news, at my see, I know how much you love them! I do my best to give everyone daily updates. Hope you can stop in.
Hi to DS, and you have a great friend....her name is 'Niffer...I call her Jenny. I think she's the best! I really do...we're both lucky to know her..
Have a wonderful weekend...I always hope you can consider me to be a friend. Peter....take care, be happy, and..and..go Sox. I think you're the best....and Jenny? Well, I'll keep my feelings for her to myself for now. She makes me smile, she's moving into a new house, and my heart is with her. Be well Novy. And hi Jenny...Peter