Monday, April 23, 2007

Cleaning house ...


What do you say to a clean sweep of the MFY’s this weekend? The only word that comes to mind is Wow.

Living in WI, I do not get NESN so it’s hard to watch games … but let me tell ya, I was glued to all news Red Sox !!!

Last night I think I was actually sweating. Seriously. That was too close for comfort for me, but I just kept praying out loud – “please Lord, let them win, please.” It seemed to work!

I hope we can do the same thing to the MFY’s this weekend at the Toilet. I am SO keeping my fingers crossed … anyhow, it Sunday was definitely a day for rejoicing !

It was a beautiful weekend in Novyland. Nice, high temps … I took the DS to the park on Saturday and then we went to the drive-in for lunch and root beer floats.

Sunday we did some housework and rested and just spent time together … the weekend went to quickly …

The ds is counting down days to the Red Sox / Twins series … 12 more days he says … he’s very excited … he’s going to play catch all weekend long so he’ll be ready for when we sit on the Home Run Porch at the ‘Dome … he’s funny … we also bought 8 packs of baseball cards on Friday … we got 1 Twins playa, Joe Nathan and 1 RS playa, Tek … my man ! LOL !

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Peter N said...

Root beer floats with vanilla...right? I remember them so well. Hi to both of you. And yeah, it's 70 degrees again here on this Tuesday early afternoon. Hi Novy!