Friday, June 15, 2007

WTF is going on ????

Well, my sweet Josh Beckett ... I am sorry that you had to have that dreaded game added to your W/L column ... this just isn't going the way I want it to.

WTF is up with the offense?? Do you boys need to get a massage and get some relief so you can calm the hell down and start playing some good fruckin ball??

Let me tell you what I want ~ I want you to hit the damn ball, hard ... and run like hell, and score mega runs .... is that to much to ask for ?

DAMN ! While we are in a freaking slump those bullshit MFY's won another game ... I can't have that ... lol ...

On a side note, I kinda got sunburned around the arm pit area and it hurts to wear a bra cause it's rubbing ... not too happy about that right now.

Let's STOMP the Giants ...

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Peter N said...

I'm so unhappy that the Yankees are hot while we are suffering. No offense, bats, lumbr, you know!
Have a great weekend, Novy...DS too!! I'm almost afraid to watch our Sox...but I have faith, I think, I hope, I know! Wow...I'm tounge tied!
I do have faith......and our Papi was just thrown out of the game!!!!!!!!
Be well! Peter