Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I am overwhelmed with emotion this week. I can't find the time to write, or find anything to say. I am keeping things bottled up inside and working through the stress.

To top off my emotional scale, the DS is leaving in 2 days for the summer. He is going to my parents where he is going to have a grand time of hanging out with both sets of grandparents, fishing, swimming, boating, go-karting, PS2-ing, being with his "Northern" friends, and SO much more.

I can survive these summers alone. People ask me how I can let him go that long and I can honestly say that him having the opportunity to do all of the things I mentioned above makes it worth it. Otherwise the poor kid is stuck in daycare all day everyday while I work - which would you choose?

WHEW - that felt good to get off my chest.

I am still bummed that the Sox have lost 3 in a row - but we will turn it around. And we are still 11.5 games up on the smelly MFY's.

For some reason, I just want to say, I don't like MySpace. I love Facebook.


Jen said...

Hey Lady, My novella.... I am here if you need me. The Honey B makes everyone smile. I hear you on the stress scale as well. My post was not any better. Love ya girl....we are going to have a good summer I just know it !

Your Niffer.

Novella said...

Thank You Niffer ... I will take you up on being there - I promise!

Mellie said...

I'm joining you in the hormonal and emotional club. I have to work ALL day for the next few days. 9-9:30. Not cool. The baby is not happy. :(
But I love ya and I know it's the best thing for the DS to stay with his grandparents...don't let anyone tell you different!!!

Novella said...

awww ... poor Mellie ... those are really long days and being pregnant and emotional makes it so much worse - you make sure the DH is taking care of you and giving you massages after a hard day at work - understood???? Relax as much as you can ...

You are a truly wonderful friend.

Peter N said...

***Guy warning!***
Novy, I realize how happy he'll be at the same time I KNOW how sad you'll be. But I think, and you do too, I bet, that you're doing the right thing, however tough it is. Your blog friend Peter.