Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm a little late here ...

Ya know, sometimes life doesn't let you do what you want, and you have to be responsible and do the right thing ... so I am dedicating my break this afternoon to a quick note about last night's game.

I just want to jump up and down, kiss Wake, and give him a big ol' hug ... I am hoping that last night's game against the Colorado Suckies is our turning point ... the point where we start winning again ... the point where we can hopefully grow the lead between us and the MFY's ...

How in the hell do they get to win 7 friggin games in a row ? Why on earth do they get to play all the "lesser" teams in MLB? Who is George Steinbrenner sleeping with?

Anyhow ... Good luck tonight Schill ... let's try for a no hitter tonight ... hell, if the Tigers can do it, we can too.


Kid Sox'in said...


You cutie, patootie!

Schill bombed and the Yanks have won again this afternoon. A complete sweep of the hapless Arizona D-Backs! Beckett needs to win his 10th tonight to keep the MFY back at 8 1/2!

Hopefully the Mets can go into the Stadium this weekend and sweep the Yanks. And hopefully we win tonight and sweep San Fran.

11 up by Monday morn!

Novella said...

Praying for a SanFran Sweep !!!