Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Papel-hon ...

From MLB Mailbag found here

I especially like this question ...

How well do you think Jonathon Papelbon will adapt to starting? Do you expect him to take the entire season to adjust?
-- Morag M., United Kingdom

This is definitely one of the most interesting issues surrounding this year's team. Papelbon was so electric in the closer role last year that you can only wonder if he will have the same type of dominance as a starter. The Red Sox are also very mindful of Papelbon's health after his right shoulder scare of a year ago. The last time the Red Sox made such a significant closer-starter transition with one of their starters was with Derek Lowe in 2002. Lowe responded by going 21-8 that year and throwing a no-hitter. The jury is still out on Papelbon.

As Spring Training moves on ... I keep thinking that I want my Papel-baby to hold off on starting, and concentrate on closing ... I want to have confidence that when we need a STRONG closer, we can count on Jonathon being the GO-TO-MAN !!!

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