Monday, March 12, 2007

2nd Place ...

What a fine way to finish up the ds's hockey season.

We had an out of town tournament this weekend, we played 3 games on Saturday, we took 2 and lost 1. We then won our game on Sunday to clinch 2nd place. We are moving up in the world, the kids were pleased previously with their 3rd place trophy, so you can only imagine how happy they were yesterday.

It was an emotional day as a hockey mom. I love this sport. I love watching my son skate. I love all the kids on the team, they are all so great. Let's not forget the little friends I have made, being the siblings of the ds's teammates. I will see them all again at the end of season banquet and the kids skating party.

These great kids presented each of the parents with a beautiful rose yesterday after their win, and thanked us, the parents, for being there for all their games & practices, cheering loud and often, and just being a great support system for them. I was teary eyed.

Our 3 coaches all gave a post-game speech yesterday - congratulating the kids with how far they had come this season, and how proud they were of each and every one of them. They went on to say the same of us ... I am so proud of the coaches we had this year ... they taught the kids good sportsmanship, helped them excel in their skills, and showed them you can have fun out there ...

*sigh* Until next season ... it's only 6 1/2 months away !


JTT said...

Oh gosh, Novy, that's so awesome. You just encapsulated all that I love about youth sports!!!

And to think my days of watching it are coming to an end! Heck, my ds can hardly be considered a 'youth' now -- he's a man.

Novella said...

I know - it's so bittersweet, isn't it?

I enjoyed this hockey season so much, I hate to season it come to an end.

At least your ds isn't done with sports, he pursue it at the college level now, it's a whole new chapter for you.