Tuesday, April 04, 2006

- Random 2 -

Well, it's only Tuesday ... ** BORING **

So, my mother purchased the DS a go-kart ... It looks like a lot of fun ... I am posting a pic of it, except his has the roll cage so he can't go flying out. We have some land in Northern Minnesota, where we are from, w/ some sand/gravel pits ... perfect place for him to tear it up on this thing ! I am so jealous, I wish I had one of these things when I was little.

The Red Sox won yesterday !!! WAY TO GO BOY'S !!! I am so glad we started off the season with a win ... but, unfortunately, the yankess won too ... bummer ... It is so nice to see these boys back in uniform, getting dirty and sweaty, and ... uh ... I will stop there !

I had a dream last night, about my Johnny ... I lay drifting off to sleep, thinking about seeing Johnny in August ... and meeting my fellow Enclavians ...

"... we were all there, the Enclave members ... we saw Johnny at BP, and he invited us down to the field ... so we were like OK !!! ... we visited with him while he was swinging, he was laughing, genuinely enjoying himself, and then he said aloud that maybe we could have drinks after the game ... we all look at each other and say "HELL YES !" .... the game went on and he played well, but they lost !!!! We hurried to the hotel to change, and rushed out where we met him at some nice hotel/bar/restaurant ... and we visited for about an hour (in dream time !) and had 2 drinks ... all of us sitting around a big round table with him ... then Johnny said that it was fun, he was enjoying himself, and maybe we should keep it going and have a bite to eat ... so we went and sat at another table and ordered dinner ... he then hugged us goodbye ... "

There was nothing dirty about the dream ... just the realization that he is a great guy ... and some wishful thinking that he will want to meet us women in 136 days when we see him !

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JTT said...

Don't forget it was a round table, Novy darling -- like King Arthur's and his knights -- all equal! LOL!!!

And who could ever have a dirty dream about that guy? That's just wrong!!! ;)