Thursday, April 20, 2006

Feelings ...

I have been quite the past few days. I have been dealing with my own inner demons. Way back to my post, I talked about someone I loved. Well, of course I always will have love for this person … but I can never talk to this person again. There is a long story behind it, and I will spare you the details … but after 5 months of there being no “us”, he is already engaged to be married … or so says his answering machine.

How does a grown man do this ? He’s already been divorced and he’s a little leary of women as it is, and now he’s getting married ???? WHAT THE “F” EVER !

I am itching to send an email saying “Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, I really wish you a life full of misery and poor sex !” Non existent sex would be fine too … beggars can’t be choosers.

Right now I am in the “HATE” mode, and hope to move past it soon. With that being said, I will quote Bree from Desperate Housewives. “If you hate, you still have feelings for that person, you need to move on to feeling indifferent.” Well, that may not be exact, but that’s basically what she said … She is a wise woman.

Anyhow … I am MOVING on … (wish me luck …) No more sitting around, thinking things will change … we will work it out … Nope, I am finished with that … and it’s about damn time if I must say so myself. I am too young to be pining for some jerk face loser …

Let’s talk about something upbeat, shall we ? Like Sir Johnny Damon ????? sigh … he is one hunky man … He’s going to be on Martha Stewart’s show on 4/26/06 … will have to tape that one … I hope they do something manly, like grill meat ! Now I know Martha is a good friend of, puke!, George Steinbrenners ... but she better make my man feel special ! TREAT HIM LIKE A KING !

Only 120 more days until game day everyone. I cannot wait. I am needing something fun right now, and a nice shot of JD’s butt would do the trick ! The man just has a wonderful body ... he's so easy on the eyes ... makes the heart beat a little faster !

He was on ESPN w/ Dan Patrick on Tuesday ... had to get the headphones on so I could listen on my break at work .. They saved the best for last ... they do that a lot with him ... because they know they will have people waiting and listening until they hear beloved's voice over the airwaves ... My fellow Enclavians were keeping us updated with when he would be on ... THANKS LADIES ! You are great friends ...

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