Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cough !

Well, today is just another day. I still have my cold … it’s just draggin on … it’s rather annoying.

Well, Johnny is going to be on the Martha Stewart show tomorrow … I will be taping it, of course. I heard he is going to be helping make a superb supper … Uh, Johnny, dear … you can come and cook dinner for me anytime !

The Cheer Johnny site is looking good, I even got my name on their with some comments I submitted to the author. YAY ! Does that mean I am famous … now that I am mentioned on another blog ??? LOL !

Well, seriously … I am so boring right now … it’s not funny … quit laughing ! You are hurting my feelings ! Although I have been following a bit of the Red Sox games so far … but being in Wisconsin, they are hard to catch. I do my best, so I try to watch the play-by-plays on the computer for day games. I just can’t concentrate on anything but the upcoming game day for my fellow Enclavians and I. Only 115 days until game day ! ! ! ! !

Yesterday I did a bit of Ebay shopping. I bough the most adorable baseball themed scrapbook. I also picked up a bunch of Red Sox embellishments and, uh, (cough) a couple of NYY things too … Well, I had to. Since we are going to see Johnny Damon play against the Red Sox it was the right thing to do … and he’s the reason we're going … and what if … WHAT IF we get to MEET him ????!!???? Then I will have to have a NYY’s page in the book. That’s all there is to it.
I mean, really, how cute is that book ???? It will be perfect ... and on the back it has the RS symbol ... (sigh ... )

Well, thanks for listening to another post of ... well, me ... Maybe I should put a disclosure or something on here ... WARNING ! This blog contains items that are all about Novy and things in her life. Read at your own will ! Novy will not be responsible for the possible side effects of the readings of this blog. They may consist of migraines, hostility, anguish, depression, drooling, sexual fever, boredom, dizziness, ditziness, dumbness ... Well the list is endless.

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